Friday, May 25, 2012

Syrian Analogy

Syrian  Analogy removed

I have removed some of funny works in this post; it appears that that is not the Syrian opposition but the criminal side! Sorry about that unintended mistake in my part.  It is so hard to see, who is whose side, especially they are not my fluent language, even through if you are looking at the pictures you can see so clear evidence. Color should be red not the green for example.  But you can interpret your own way in art but this art can not be done that way! 

Have a look in here  Shooting ambulance! World are doing nothing

Annan is helping criminal,  as well the UNSC too, let him carried his killing spree! look at him how worthless he is!

Actually I deeply admire Syrian people, they have a great sense of humor even midst of this atrocity day after day.  I laughed after seeing the entire gruesome take down analogy!  It is all true of course! You need that laugh aren’t we? He can not even paid fee for the UN! ha ha ha... yes should stop buying weapons for the killing!  UNSC lost its moral authority, they should resign! Some of the memberships act like international gangsters!