Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boldness has genius!

Goethe said:
"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”  
Syria people already begin their dream journey, we already have seen, we are run out fear, we have no fear! We only have the  dream! i) Where the Gulf States promised money? ii) Where is US promised technology? iii)Where the Turkey  promised the safe corridor for the FSA?


Syria's main opposition group said the regime in Damascus was behind two deadly blasts that rocked the capital, leaving dozens killed and wounded according to initial reports.
"The regime is behind this," said Samir Nashar, of the Syrian National Council's executive branch.
He said the aim of the blasts was to send a warning to UN observers monitoring a tenuous truce in Syria that they were in danger and to impress upon the international community that the regime was battling "terrorists".

The criminal donkey  should recognized the great thoroughbred revolutionaries, so still if you are still in coward donkey servant,  defect now, so  you can be a your own master, part of  thoroughbreds!  Whatever the donkey calls the thoroughbreds that is  water off duck’s back! Thoroughbreds are thoroughbreds revolutionaries that is fact! So they don’t bother!   They are the victors remember that! 

Update: You know the world, make simple,  the  revolutionaries  are complete run out fear they don’t care whether they are going to die or alive,  their life without freedom  well perhaps good as dead that is their attitude. One donkey assad  against rest of Syrian.  Just one criminal assad. Soon or later he has to be removed one or another. 99% Syrian not going anywhere, Syria is theirs land, where they go? So solution is simple.  One donkey go or 99% Syrian go! That is the choice!   Now days a great technology able to see on the ground from up to 30000 mile high what is going on ground, amazing technology innovation. That is why we admired so much people who are creative and innovation and every nation in earth crazy about the innovators. I believe that these great technology innovation, we, the whole humanity should be the major beneficiary. 
So many people is suffering just because of one stupid duck donkey, Syria is not a family property to inherent to, this atrocity  all blame to the donkey!