Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Syrian Revolutionary Muscle Hypertrophy

 Obama administration officials emphasized that the United States is neither supplying nor funding the lethal material, which includes antitank weaponry. Instead, they said, the administration has expanded contacts with opposition military forces to provide the gulf nations with assessments of rebel credibility and command-and-control infrastructure.
  “We are increasing our nonlethal assistance to the Syrian opposition, and we continue to coordinate our efforts with friends and allies in the region and beyond in order to have the biggest impact on what we are collectively doing,” said a senior State Department official, one of several U.S. and foreign government officials who discussed the evolving effort on the condition of anonymity....

O what great news! Thanks Yankees!!  You are not going to disappointed by Syrian people for sure!  Hey you criminal assad, you are dead now! Can’t you see your hanging rob! Do you remember Libya Gaddafi? You are going to exactly same as Gaddafi faith.  Even worst! Yayee yayee!!!! Criminal assad  are dead now!  This is called everything goes our-way! How dare he treat innocence people in such way!

Have look at this from CNN; Amazing, how many Syrian  peoples’ life UNSC want!

The below links are too gruesome so to be warned. Lost word, so very unbelievable, Russian sold 1 billion dollar worth of arm to criminal and  profiting from this innocent Syrian people’s blood.  How can Russian able to sitting at UNSC for supporting this criminal activity! Do not should not blame this innocence people what they have done to you? Everything FSA do is justified! The world fold their  hand and watching this?  Whoever is supporting the criminal assad watch out your back your faith will be exactly same as the criminals as same any other criminals before.