Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prestige of the State

IMPORTANT: PLEASE SHARE. This is Mohammed al-Hariri, an activist from al-Sourah in Daraa province. He was arrested after being interviewed on Al Jazeera and sentenced to death for treason and "insulting the prestige of the state." His back was broken under torture and he has been transferred to the infamous Sednaya prison, north of Damascus, where he is awaiting execution. Please help to spread awareness of Mohammed's situation

Face of  Prestige Guard

.Syrian National Council chief Burhan Ghalioun said Thursday he does not want to be a cause of division in the opposition coalition and will step down as soon as a replacement is chosen through consensus or election. 
The Local Coordination Committees' representative to the SNC told VOA that Ghalioun's offer to resign is a "step in the right direction" of reforming the opposition coalition. Speaking by phone from Berlin, Hozan Ibrahim said the SNC also should channel more money to youths and revolutionaries engaged in relief work and protests inside Syria
 I don’t think this is a negative, it is a part of democracy,  also shows a grace  and wisdom of Mr Ghalioun leadership, he offers his  resignation  what is the best for the organization, not for himself,  I believe he has lots of role to play alongside a new leader. Yes it was bit of out of touch, while all the atrocity killings going on inside Syria, the incredible bravery FSA and  activists’ activities. Their life on the line for their love their aspiration. But then we learned our mistakes in that way to grow. Hoping the inside young inspiring, charismatic activists should step up take their roles as well, that kind of superhuman bravery they can move the mountains for sure. And also woman, all the minority religions group as well.  I think, least until the end of criminal,   a Christian leadership may well be very excellent ideas that will be sealed all the fears of minority sectarian theme  of conflict which the criminal assad has been  promoting. Remember, we are fighting with one enemy assad! For the  marriage of convenience all stick together the commons purpose!