Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Addressing the Fundamentals

Annan plan is doom to fail.  Why? That is a shackle of the Syrian people!  There is no removal of the criminal Assad. Without mentioning details, we have seen all the criminal committed unspeakable atrocity and Syria is with - from CIA Factbook- young population ( median age is 22 Years) and  80%  Literacy and an old history, rich culture and advanced civilized society. And vast majority of the young people access internet, all the revolutionary tech savvy, carried out their activity in technology . Have look, Google up what is come out.  Syria is not a country some back ward African county.   Annan’ plan disregard this simple fundamentals. His plan not is avoiding a civil war, but his plan is help the criminal in power,  his plan is sake of his plan not the sake of Syrian people. His activity revolved  around Russia and the criminal!   Why you ask Syrian people accept  the criminal’ atrocity?  Why are you ask them to forgive the criminal and carry on their life as if nothing has happen to them? No there is things that need forgiveness there is things that can not cure without cut the very thing out of the suffering body!  Because of Annan plan is not address this one simple point,  as the Syrian people  more suffer!  When so called a leader carried out systematic atrocity to the people he serves that is lose his legitimacy. People want him to be killed! Annan should go to visit Homs Hama and Idlib… to see what the criminal has done to the people! So removing the criminal is the fact of avoiding the civil war!

The Gulf countries promised salary to FSA, hoping the money rolling in... their road is clear...