Monday, May 14, 2012

Immense Cost Of World to Keep Criminal Assad Alive

Arguments Against Inaction  
I’ve heard all the arguments against inaction: It’s morally wrong to let the murderous Assad regime continue killing; toppling Assad will weaken Iran grievously; Syria is more important than Libya; the longer the killing continues, the greater the chances of regional instability, even war.
 But let’s be very clear with ourselves. If the case for intervention is so compelling, then the U.S. should lead and develop a strategy geared to the real task: removing Assad quickly so that a political transition to something better can result. Otherwise, we should stop pretending we’re serious about quickly and dramatically changing the balance of power in favor of the rebels. In this case, we should stick to a more modest approach, building up political and economic pressures against the regime.
Problems should be narrow down, here is one criminal Assad has to go, world  can not afford let it drag on… US allies, spare cost, rich Gulf counties would like to dip into their golden coffer, won’t tint a cracker  as from their black golden reserve. Israel  there would a great role to play with that smart intelligent know-how… We don’t care which side you are in, just put all things together just one purpose to get rid of the criminal that is all. all the world ganged up play each given role, for  the world peace, if not  peace, another word sake of your own or your countries interest, well Middle East blow up no one’s  interest for sure!  We need the leadership compelling leadership to lead the world to cut Assad's  throat!  

The Syria Opposition should launch campaign and ensured Syrian people that  their revolution is not sectarians, their  revolution is not make divisions among Syrian  but for all the Syrian regardless their religion.  SNC leadership also  inclusive all the religion. To be frankly we should not worry about Brotherhood or other extremists after Assad, Syrian young  population their aspiration  is not about religion, extremist ideology  but freedom, Google facebook… common, competing their generation other countries…they can not accept criminal Assad his family his stuipity, he was not people choice but his father gave Syria to him for his death gift! 
This from Al Jazeera: skin off unveiling criminal  assad's crime

"If Al-Qaeda militants have indeed entered the country, it happened with the cooperation of that agency," FSA chief, Colonel Riyadh al-Asaad, told Kuwait's Al-Rai newspaper…  
The below image is Assad criminal government  alleged suicide bomber was found tied with robes!!!!