Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who is Bombing?

1)      Who gets most benefit from this blow ups? Criminal Assad
2)      He wants to the world know that the Oppositions/ revolutionaries and FSA are  Al Qaeda or armed militant et al kind of  terrorists.  
3)      He is seeking a justification for his committing atrocity as:  crackdown peaceful demonstrators and activities are all armed terrorists so that killing, tortures and arrest and the innocent demonstrators  and destroying cities  under the pre-texted banner “ armed terrorists”.
4)      These area bombed that are precise; i) governments building, securities and Assad army and front of UN observers. ii)That way more looks the Opposition’s job but if the opposition did the job they can not that precise, i.e. few days back road side attacked while UN observers narrowed missed the bombs, only assad army  were killed. These areas often very  heavily guarded so the Opposition difficult to do job in that precision.
5)      There were always assad TV broadcasting at the places  immediately  afterward.    
6)      Assad has a certain relationship with Al Qaeda elsewhere i.e. Lebanon, using their expert bombings. He buys their expert skill, Al Qaeda need money.     
7)      The Opposition against Al Qaeda, against their principal of revolution to change, they don’t wants their Syria turn into some kind Islam militant country(  they are young generation their aspiration is freedom democracy like Western countries, Google, Facebooks, other democrat countries )   they know that hopeful their main backers i.e. US et al  paranoia of  Al Qaeda so they are not  risk  by allied with them.
8)      And Al Qaeda has their own agenda, they help assad keep him power for while and  unrest Syria, increase their activity  and looking for their opportunity for  Al Qaeda infested Syria or Syria is infested by Al Qaeda. 
9)      When the Opposition removed Assad and peaceful transition power that there is no position for  Al Qaeda.
10)  Remember FSA  personals are all defectors as they refused their  gun point to the people whom their duty to protect as they are the Syria their Nation, so they are doing what their duty says so as Assad criminal, they know their duty to protect their nation foremost.  
11)  Sums up Assad is the problems he is doing all that stuff for hanging on his life, but how long?

The longer Asad clings to power, the greater the risk of destabilization in  and throughout the region.