Monday, May 14, 2012

Profiting from Syrian People Blood

12 hours 11 min ago - Rusia Russia believes that al-Qaeda and its associates are behind the recent bomb attacks in Syria, Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said on Monday.

"For us it is absolutely clear that terrorist groups are behind this - al-Qaeda and those groups that work with al-Qaeda," he told reporters… 
 "We have a situation where there is a certain balance between government forces and opposition groups. The worst outcome is for this stagnation to continue." [AFP]

Russia sold its main Middle East ally Damascus nearly $1 billion worth of arms including surface-to-air missile systems last year. Syrian government defectors say shipments of hard-to-track Russian small weapons have risen since the uprising against Assad started in March 2011. ...
Russia defended its weapons deliveries to Syria in the face of Western criticism on Monday, saying government forces need to defend themselves against rebels receiving arms from abroad 

What would you say? Russia and  criminal assad are now  saying  the Opposition is  Al Quads, so  they justified themselves as equal firepower to the Opposition or the innocent unarmed Syrian people and FSA firepower same as the criminal firepower. So Russian is selling weapon to criminal.  What I can say? Basically what they saying is  that all the Syrian people stop against the criminal accept and let him continently commit  atrocity and all the FSA just do nothing, fold their hands  accept their faith! Unbelievable,  why first place Russian in the UNSC permanent   member and has a veto?  They must have some kind mechanism if any member is misusing their veto for unjustly!  Here is so unarmed 22 million civilian and about lightly or unarmed FSA who defend themselves and their people! 

Remember world just one criminal v 22 million innocence people. Make the problems simple!