Sunday, May 6, 2012

Unequal Bargaining

 Hiding behind the former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Joint Envoy of the U.N. and the League of Arab States, Kofi Annan, has become flagrant. Indeed, his plan is based on keeping the regime in place, not on handing over the keys of the regime to coalitions in order to shape a transitional political process.…
 What is bad is Annan’s “forbearance” in the face of Damascus’s excesses in terms of committing violations, failing to fulfill promises and changing the rules of the game to such a degree as to allow the leaders of the Syrian regime to set the roadmap and to dictate conditions over who would follow it and to what extent. 
Running out of patience does not at all seem to be in sight for Annan, as he does not want his mission to fail, and is willing to adapt to changing factors so as to ensure not failing. In other words, Annan is not willing to confront the regime in Damascus, and is in fact more liable to meet Damascus and Moscow’s demand of holding the opposition responsible.
 Yet there is a big difference between laying equal blame for the violence on the opposition and on the regime, and providing assistance to the leaders of the opposition to form a credible political front for negotiations. Annan’s team is doing both, and that is dangerous, because it enables the regime in Damascus to elude the fact that it is primarily responsible for the violence, and also gives it the space to breathe and to reorganize its “coalition” cards, while efforts and pressures focus on the opposition. (my underline)
There is two difference between wise and smart. As so many innocence people life in stake, unfortunately Annan is integrity questionable in here. If this keep going on 90 days how many  more peoples' life Annan wants?   There is no such thing” please be patient and waiting…” while every minutes people is dying.  Criminal drag innocents’ people out from their home middle of night and kill them and burn them front of their mothers.  Unbelievable this is not crime what is crime? Just using commons senses, as we know this is not easy tasks but there is so much life in stake we ask whoever in power bit of decent. So many people is suffering immensely.  The criminal should blame all these bombs I am sure that is majority of them from the criminal side so that they can excuse to blames.  Annan should admit to the SC that he failed his mission least that way he can remain as he tried hard but instead he will be tainted as criminal cohabiter! He will be guilty too!

Update: if because of Annan's insistent, he puts himself above the UNSC, sake of his own plan success in his own terms, he compromises Russia and  criminal  Assad and give them leverage, that is cost of human life  that is unforgiveable he should be aware.  He is a mere  criminal cohabiter  not working for humanity at all. We  the world  is watching!