Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UN Should Control

U.N. officials and diplomats say OCHA would be willing to compromise by managing aid distribution jointly with SARC, but the U.N. aid office is determined to maintain a measure of control over the delivery of aid throughout Syria.
Without U.N. oversight, they say, aid distribution could be hijacked by those in the Syrian government who would like to use it as a means of getting access to opposition strongholds currently off-limits to government forces or for punishing rebel-held areas by denying them access to humanitarian aid.

The UN should not let the aid is controlled by the criminal! 
This is very gravely important for terms of responding humanitarian crisis, strictly humanitarian aid non partial why should they give the control for the criminal? That give him take advantage of the world aid for his extending his pitiful life. 

 This from NYT: Syrians Defy Leaders to AidThose in Need
“They want to get rid of the idea that the people can help each other,” said a social scientist who is a participant in the network and, like others interviewed, did not want to be identified. “They don’t want there to be solidarity among the Syrian people.” 
 Those involved say they were moved to act by the realization that the government had no intention of responding to the humanitarian crisis caused by its own siege of Syrian cities, which has resulted in the internal displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.
 The social scientist said the government was trying to use the aid to its advantage. “They want to make it look like only the government can provide,” he said, and by implication, that the government can also take it away.  
 The criminal spent on fortune Syrian people money buy weapons for killing them while try to get the world aid as well. Gosh the UN you should not compromise that criminal any more, if you do that you should go to a pebble, unbelievable! Too much I need my blanket the old one! Please pass on my old blanket! Of course all they Syrian know exactly what is going, just time that is all, how criminal able to control million people?