Friday, May 25, 2012

Hula Massacre


Is the world let the criminal continuously massacre innocence people? somewhere UN chief saying that “ asking countries both side should not be armed…” common, the Opposition fold their hand let the criminal killing them?   300 hundreds hopeless UN observers turn into nothing more than  criminal’s helpers, their are mission turn out to be “ protecting” the criminal, green light to criminal killing more innocence civilian. It appears that Annan sake of his mission he is not admitting his failed job, while every single day innocence people massacred, small towns countryside villages, and big cities more arrested people. How long this killing continues?  Until this futile mission end, how many more gallon of peoples' blood Annan’ want? Another things  observes gave away lots information intentionally or unintentionally - which FSA or Activists Activities- they can only access unless not, there are  have been more causalities. The UN useless and the UNSC utterly failed its function; it is only turn into their political sparing match. While Russia “ enjoy” selling $billions worth of arms to criminal, let Annan mission protecting his killing, what else criminal worry about?   We, rest of the world let the five permanent members determined the world security peace under their own interest! 

We are looking up US allies always when thins happen. Least they can stop this mascara if they want! Syria oil reserves are not matched its neighboring courtiers but Syria has a huge potential its people, because one of highest literacy in Middle East, most of the demonstrators are not religious,  their aspirating outside world, they are young and educated they will not back down unless the criminal is removed. Removing him is much more clean and cost effective. 

Every origination organizations whether that is UN or any humanitarian, or hotshots in their divine macabre states  all they have been keep counting death of innocence people life! Well we know how to count I am very good at maths too, especially abstraction, linkage with various relations, I can see the numbers; I can see the cost effectiveness of getting rid of ONE criminal! Bloody stop counting innocence people life in your brain drainage piece of paper, only bloody your meaningless counting death tolls is irresponsible cowards’ safety net!   

UPDATE: IF the UN can not, should not say they have  no plan B,  obviously the UN has to make plan B, that is UN job, obviously NATO not intervention without UN approval so the UN make plan B the NATO intervene. the world can not let the criminal hid behind Russia carried out massacre while Russia “ enjoy” selling billion worth of weapons and veto against Syria people. Criminal spend Syrian peoples money try to save his life.  The UN make plan B. let the NATO intervene.  Alien with Arab League.