Thursday, May 3, 2012

Relationship of Factors

 Do they have any weapon in their hands? Why the criminal is carried mess killing these student? Why? Why?  

A comment from the UN observes is saying that,
 "There have been steps taken by the government forces on the ground that indicate a better willingness to live up to the commitments made in the agreement, He said, giving no details.

But what account? Are you kidding?  For their own terms willingness  to live up to… the criminal has no intention of live up to Annan’ plan,  if any gathering he deployed tanks shooting the peaceful demonstration, all the criminal twist around situation,  he  just using the UN observe for his own gain, drags on game… unless complete choke him through sanction this would give him breathing space.   All but hypocrisy of the international community, knowing it is useless effort. That is not the UN fault; they are not address basic human needs and human problems as the Annan mission is doomed to fail. Why after all of this atrocity, the Syrian people forgive( international community ask Syria people) the criminal and going on their life as if nothing has happen?  Drag on few months a little claim but what is that mean? The deadly disease still there it is painful as ever!