Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sending Letters

I think Syrian Opposition should send letters to the UN Chief, arguing the criminal regime letters are all untrue.  Distorting the popular uprising.  What the criminal saying is that everyone who against is “armed terrorist”. This has to sort out again again.  the young generation has not aspiration al-Qaeda. Everyone religions have element of violent under their ideologies. Every human being natural instinctive to fight when their safety is threaten.   So if some of people outside of the Syria help the Opposition to defense themselves that is a perfect justification for current Syria.   Also send a letter to the NATO summit too.  

 If the world let Assad criminal cling on his feeble power there is no peace. Be realistic there is real danger all the region.  This is popular uprising, due to course after so many decade of dictatorship it is inevitabilities after all of this, Syrian people back down? No, so they continue prepare to fight, all these last 15 months atrocity, still the Syrian people are  protesting stronger than ever, yes even more.  If the world is blinded their aspiration,  that may be a  real possible chance the Opposition may alliance with al-Qaeda because! What eles they can do; FSA is not armed properly still criminal is attacking  innocence people with heavy artillery and chemical weapons... The world you must help them to achieve their aspiration.

 I think also whoever  that information  to the UN Chief they should carefully assess clearly thoroughly he can not just go out saying al-Qaeda. If that is come from the UN observers to Annan to him that is very dangerous to trust. The observes on the ground they may heavily influence or induced by criminal thugs.  So the UN Chief should have access balance sources of information.

They are animals!  


Syria: The Washington Institute (an influential US thinktank widely regarded as pro-Israel) has joined those expressing scepticism about the role of jihadists in Syria.

It suggests that "someone may be trying to scapegoat the jihadis" for the May 9 bombings in Damascus, adding: "The Assad regime is the obvious suspect, but no evidence as yet supports their culpability." It continues:

Contrary to accounts in many media outlets that Syria's secular state is naturally at odds with Sunni extremist groups, Bashar al-Assad has actually built long-lasting, though indirect, relationships with such groups over the last decade ...

Thus far, terrorist attacks have accounted for only a minuscule portion of the tactics used in the rebellion, although the May 9 attacks would indicate that terrorist attacks in Syria are on the rise in terms of number and scale.

Yet the inconsistencies and discrepancies of the May 12 video [claiming responsibility on YouTube for the Damascus bombings] raises the real possibility that the Assad regime could be manipulating the attack to its domestic and international advantage.
Claims of responsibility for future attacks should be evaluated in light of where a video or claim is released (jihadi forums or YouTube), who produces it, and the consistency of the facts it contains.

This also from the Guardian

Syria: Today's protests in Aleppo were the largest the city has seen so far, according to activists.
Up to now, Aleppo has generally been loyal to the Assad regime though anti-regime sentiment increased following a raid on student dormitories last month which left four dead, the Associated Press reports.

The May 3 raid at Aleppo University was an unusually violent incident for the northern city, a major economic hub, where business ties and the presence of significant populations of sectarian minorities have kept residents largely on the side of the regime or at least unwilling to join the opposition.

On Thursday, some 15,000 students demonstrated outside the gates of Aleppo University in the presence of UN observers, before security forces broke up the protest.

Even bigger numbers took to the streets Friday. Aleppo-based activist Mohammad Saeed said it was the largest demonstration there since the start of the uprising. He said more than 10,000 people protested in the Salaheddine and al-Shaar districts alone and thousands protested in other areas of the city.

"The number of protesters is increasing every day and today saw the biggest protests," said Saeed, adding that several people were wounded when government forces tear gas and live ammunition to try and disperse the rally.

The head of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdul-Rahman, said the protest showed "it's a real uprising happening in Aleppo these days".
Thousands of people across the country also staged anti-government rallies in solidarity with Aleppo.

The world should support them and the world should be their side, standing firmly! Why? Because without criminal Assad this uprising never has happen! The world watching the NATO Summit wisdom if the NATO is truly defender of the world peace this is the time they have to act on which they have done to Libya- they have election today for haven sake!- the world want to see that happen in Syria truly for the people too! The NATO should be a defender of the world peace! Should standing firming the Syrian people side!