Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Give Up

Summary (20/05/2012): At least 63 martrys have fallen today, most of them in the massacre in Suran town in Hama province. What exactly happened in Damascus last night is still not clear. The FSA attacked checkpoints in different areas of the capital at the same time. Immediately after that Assad's forces started shelling Duma where many casualties have fallen. The head of the UN mission narrowly missed a roadside bomb while he was visiting the suburb. See the map for more info.
The below clip  is the Massacre

Saqr Omia Systematic Massacres against Innocent Citizens in Syria by Criminal Assad

Obviously Nato become Noto, their Moto strangling and tightening up their  belt were coldshots not hotshots so they made cold numerical decisions, under the numerical blanket they didn’t have comfort because very thin, we have to do another way! How about cold blooded just removed him that is all! Cost effective, doing cheaply, why not just remove one donkey criminal!  Just unbelievably thing is the world just watching let the criminal carried out systemically mascara on these innocent people unbelievable, , foghorn few difference tone of voice fighting their muscles but we are not impressed their so unkindness. How about Turkey should invite NATO?