Friday, May 11, 2012

Tired of Lie

The Syrian government urged the U.N. Security Council to take action to combat terrorism, on Friday, a day after twin bombings killed at least 55 people in Damascus. 
 Here he comes,  we know now,  entire of criminal Assad trickery, you see this is what he wants, ask UN for help for his and his family power forever , he is saying to UNSC “ please help UNSC,  Syria is my family owned so you make sure help me staying power and then it give to my son, and help me kills millions of people as they against me, you have to help me!”   That is why he blow bombs all around places, he wants a justification, nice try but the world is not convinced. If you want lie bit more creative that is all.

Hey you hotshots, just one criminal has to go!  Aren’t you agree?  Then all the problems go away, why are you making so complex thinking? Make it as simple!  All the nice cool technology gosh, drone drones… how we have go thought this endurance all the Syrian people want to come home build their home again, and all these my little friend  go to school, lots of catching up things.  Love wisdom and endurance we need at the moment for go through this! If the UNSC listen any of these dribbles from the criminal, then the UNSC has dribbles brains dribbles mind. gosh we are so wiser!!!

Syrian People should appeal for UNSC help to remove the criminal Assad for committing war crime against humanity and carried systematic atrocity for unarmed civilian!   They are plenty of evidences!

The world should Remember one criminal or 22 millions Syrian innocent people, your choice, one criminal stupid donkey, if he was smart he never committed the atrocity?   Anyone who support the criminal watch out your back you are going to end up exactly like the criminal for sure! You have to play politics but then when you have to know you can not blindly support this so obvious criminal sake of your little interest!