Saturday, May 5, 2012


I like stars, stars are part of our life silvery moonlight, immense night sky swanky stars, milky way bridge there would be romance, legend of stars, even if I become aware of scientific knowledge of stars but in my mind and my eyes always stars from story telling. So many stories, start with lullabies, story books and cartoons… they are stories of milkway, kind of my toys that is, wake up middle of night and looking up the sky there is lovers cross  to milk way bridge to see each other…   how I grow up with them as long as I remember, wondrous of the sky, tales of our final place, we all go there someday… our grandmamma always celebrated a big dipper ritual every year, a nice but bit of mystery eerier, think of all the ritual involved in…,  our human life from the beginning all but ritual everything ritual one or another way, we  human are ritual animal,  something is not quite sure, a great precision … always smell of pungency, clean sky full of flowery garden, airy pluck evening petals away,  so much nice things happens that  happy a huge squawky  old dwelling but then I can not cook that way… wonder ever I can taste that kind of authentic Korean food… bit sad I think  that is all..., 꽃잎,   hoping Syrian children all soon going to their school, they are most courageous but childhood just once it never comeback their childhood are deprived by the criminal