Monday, August 12, 2013

Land of Chaos


Protesters have held daily demonstrations against Syrian rebles in the northern city of Raqa, demanding the release of "hundreds" of missing people including an Italian Jesuit priest, a watchdog said.
Residents called rebels "to leave" their area, said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. "Syria is free! The [Islamic] State [of Iraq and the Levant] must get out!" protesters chanted.
News of the protests comes two weeks after Father Paolo Dall'Oglio went missing when he went to meet commanders of the armed group Islamic State of Iraq  and the Levant (ISIS) in late July to ask for the release of activists kidnapped by the group.
"Demonstrations have been held daily for two weeks demanding the release of hundreds of civilians" kidnapped by ISIS, including Dall'Oglio, said the The UK-based watchdog.
The watchdog described Dall'Oglio as a "messenger of peace" and "a friend of the Syrian opposition" to President Bashar al-Assad's regime.
Raqa is the only provincial capital to have fallen out of regime hands since clashes broke out.
In my view  the Islamic state of Iraq.. and the Levant they are linked with criminal Assad, they have known for each other old Iraq war days and Assad finance for them then. Now they are the people  are killing Kurd in the North and because of that unrest Iraq Kurd. Why innocence priest?  Religion teaches  us respectable to everyone even if they are different religion. That is not good for their own religion. Father Paoloe is only good for the Syrian people regardless their religion and he stood up Assad early on this revolutions for Syrian people.

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