Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kudos To UNSC Excellent-NON Performance

The world record holder non-performer unsc, need to exorcise itself, so one fine day they invite AWESOME, he is 10 years, he is a  resinous cool,  well known for his school playground, he knows how to play turf games as:

unsc: Hello AWESOME please tell us what is your secrete of playground,  re: a tyrant gasses  mass his people off the planet?
AWESOME: O that is easy, make him off the planet too!
unsc: OK, but how? We can not agree to!
AWESOME: 1) No one should ask to you disagree or agree! 2) Ditch your current mantra " peace and security" 3) Make a new mantra, a waging war! Drumming your warmonger mantra!..."This is mine, that is my territory too, don't dare cross my sea-line through bowline, if you do that  I will kill you....!"
unsc: We are suppose to a custodian of " world peace and security!"
AWESOME: Hey kiddos, don;t kidding yourself! The world peace and security is a power, you don;t have power to make it peace and security! You don't have even power to agree each other! So you will be permanent  persistent vegetative state of non-being! 
unsc: Pack of  disposed wolves...nosiness... whispers in thier squeaky thine lips....corner to corner...eyeballing each other...  don't cross my jawline...don't poach my hemline....! ...lie is the true! True love is always bounty greediness...start to fight each other... You did...! No you did first! my pity is your allowance... no my love is your death sentence... here is deep deadly affectionate bombs... blah blah...
AWESOME: Stop right there! You all agree to disagree!

Dead End---