Saturday, August 17, 2013

Military' Calculation Nothing to Gain Dialogue

Cairo: The ferocity of the attacks by security forces on Islamist protesters in Cairo this week appears to have been a deliberate calculation of the military-appointed government to provoke violence from the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, a number of Arab and Western historians of Middle East politics said Friday.

The objective, they said in interviews, was to demonize the Islamists in the eyes of Egypt's broader populace, validate the July 3 ouster of the Islamist president and subvert any possibility that dialogue aimed at reintegrating the Muslim Brotherhood into Egypt's mainstream politics would succeed. 

Many said the sequence of events since the forced removal of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's first freely elected president, suggested that the Egyptian military had concluded beforehand that there was little or nothing to gain from negotiations with the Brotherhood, that they would rather deal with it as an insurgent group that presented a security threat and not as a popular movement. 

Partly for that reason, Roberts said, it was by no means clear that the Brotherhood would be crippled in the new period of uncertainty now confronting Egypt. Likewise, he said, Egypt's armed forces do not necessarily have the upper hand in the struggle despite their overwhelming advantage in weapons. 

Egypt military and its puppets unveiled its evil criminal face to the world! They called themselves a savior, but they are the traitors of the people. Greedy of power hungry, eating up their own flesh voraciously they will be chocked soon! Egyptian people they should know they are facing on uncertain turbulent years ahead  if they want getting into their revolution right track they should deal with Muslim Brotherhood and  should challenge the military.

There are church attack-- these attacks MB nothing to gain, can be done by anyone, people civilian cloths attacking shooting people behind Morsi supporters,  soldiers are hugging babies ads all are military try to portray positive  image on public.

Update: If Egyptian people they want fast track to reach to where they want to go without bloody civil war, both side ( Morsi side and the Opposition who lost election to Moris, or Islamist and secular)  should come to together, strike deals and against the military. 

Freedom and Justice Party  sounds is much political!