Saturday, August 3, 2013

Plea From Syria

Plea from Syrian-American doctor  

"More than 70% of [Homs'] inhabitants are forced out and the rest are being squeezed. There are daily shelling of the largest neighborhood (Alwaar) where most of the previously displaced people went to. The population of Homs including my family feel desperate. 
"This is of course part of the larger picture of Genocide in Syria, but no one is talking about it except for your program. The public should know that this [is] the first Genocide in the Twenty First Century and the worst since Rowanda [sic]. You should also be critical of the silence of our administration and the international community. The UN has the Responsibility to Protect the Syrian people and they are not discharging their legal duty. 
"In spite of the daily war crimes, crimes against humanity and indiscriminate shelling of civilians by long range Ballistic surface to surface missiles (first in the history by a regime against its people), there is outrage. 
"Only 15% of the American people are paying attention to what is happening in Syria due to the poor and inconsistent media coverage.!!"

Genocide, international community so conveniently silence-- sealed their lips, close their eyes and shut of their senses... meditation in their concupiscence consciences!   It is a dead  parrot colony,  UN teaming up with a criminal Assad propaganda tool, their panic stricken narration for  every little mistakes  from FSA revolutionary is breathless. It is dead parrots seamless melancholia!  Truly stand its dumbfounded terror horror...Hey you world,  you made your own bed you have sleep on it!