Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bombastically Mass Killing

Dealing with the chemical imbalance

And why would he carry a large-scale chemical attack at a time when an official UN inspection team is on the ground in Syria investigating the last alleged chemical attacks?

A chemical weapon is not only used out of desperation; it can also used rather bombastically, as in 1988 when used by Saddam Hussein against the Kurds in the northern Iraqi town of Halabja.

Assad's main concern is to be seen as a strongman, and if the road to victory goes through infamy, so be it.

In other words, the use of chemical weapons could result from missing the basic ingredients of political and human decency. Point being, the regime attempts to overwhelm the opposition use of retail violence - excuse the expression - through wholesale killings.

His regime diplomatically protected by Russia, could be sending the unequivocal message that nothing can protect its detractors from its wrath, and that the end justifies the means.

While such a step raises the stakes, it also maximises the regime's short-term military gains.

Arguably, it's also used as a way to send a message to Israel and the West that Syria has the means to retaliate against future bombardments. 
 World too much calculation not much action!