Monday, August 19, 2013

Military Coup Means

What is going to happen Muslims Brotherhood 

Egypt Speaking to Al Jazeera recently, Robert Fisk, the Middle East correspondent for the British newspaper The Independent, said:
I don’t think banning parties really works. Any intelligence officer … will tell you that the first thing you don’t want to do if you are worried of some kind of opposition is to ban it. Now if the Egyptians do that however, it allows them to continue to provoke the opposition; we may certainly find there are mysterious act of terrorism in Cairo, explosions … and then of course a state of emergency can be continued in Egypt ... it all sounds rather bad to me .... If such a huge majority of Egyptians are against the Brotherhood what are they worried about? They obviously are not going to get many seats in parliament in another election are they? Or is it the fear that they might?"
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A Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson, Mona al-Qazzaz, also spoke to Al Jazeera. He said: 
This is not a government, this is not a regime, this is a mafia .... They failed at every single democratic process, and they came on the back of the tanks as leaders .... This is an illegitimate mafia that has hijacked the power of Egypt .... They would have to pay the price of their crimes against humanity, they are the illegal people, we have won at every single democratic process and they have lost, and the only way for them to be back in the political arena is through the power of the bullets and tanks.”
 Sisi said that his military is a guardian of Egyptian people,.. in my view Sisi security force behind terrorism; burning destroy churches and terrorizing ordinary people so that blaming MB! Sisi puts himself above the people above the constitutions! Militery terrorizes people under all sort of reasons without any reasons, there is no law but only violent terrors that way they seize power! Egypt rolling backward another 50 years for sure! What a shame, if they tolerate Morsi and few years time they could voted him off and elect another and one and another one that way...  on the road of democracy...