Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Professional Consultation!

Yeah! Indeed, exclusive niche profession, barrier entry is  very high in the multi-million dollar jewelry theft business, not only that, you have to have experiences of criminal record with  years of imprisonment! You need criminal experiences!  Now you are an expert of jewelry thief, offering your niche expertise professional consultation to  CNN for international audiences! Wonder he should patent on his exclusiveness!   Jewel of crime! You can't get better experts than that! Exclusive experience insight theft industry, yes industry, it is a business ofcourse! Indeed CNN is very faithful its audience for offering expertise knowledge for crime!   Ahaha....!

Update: There would be  consulting groups offers their  services: How to steal, how to fraud, how to commit  perfect crimes...etc, but they are already flourished in human minds, innate gift of human, we human are immensely creative in every arena of our endeavor good or bad, but then, hey, what is good what is bad anyway?