Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Criminal Hide For Where?

No Safe Place For  A Criminal!

Yes, where criminal Assad go? No place to go, only one way street, sooner or later he will be killed, inside everyone against him one or another way.  Majority of his side or pretend his side they all know that they have no future and they will not win. He destroyed Syria as if his own, no Syrian people forgive that and give up their struggle for against this evil criminal.  Saudi offers  Russia buying 15 billion weapon for exchange not veto for UNSC re:Syria, but for the Russia stands, that is an excellent offer. Russia should realistic that Assad never going to win.  Funny, US drones hits Al Qaeda nests around traps and they close their embassies around... fully alert! Why not using drones for hunting Assad hiding nest, he is not a leader of state but  but a criminal, he is worst than any terrorists, as the Middle East unrest is because of him, in my view he connect some of Al Qaeda militants as he knows them before Iraq war. He try to tell the world every FSA is terrorist but no one believes his lies too.

Drones are criminals best friends wherever they go drones are following them, there is lots of lots of al Qaeda  in the Syria, surely they are all same al Qaeda, Assad too!  Why are they  not following  Assad? No one would argue! Even Russian would agree, save their face! Millions of people, 23 millions people into the immense misery, not mentioning  ripple effect on whole world  in general, I think drones are for criminal Assad!  

Update:  Between reading line Assad side denied he has been attacked, but I think it was true. Glade that FSA so close, a nice attempt. Amazing thinking that the superpower amazing technology,  if  they want to kill Assad that would be very easy...