Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clarity of UNSC Syrian Chemical Weapon

UN seeks 'clarity' on Syria chemical claim.... so people talking talking... here is some of reactions and talking; 

Have you heard about other reaction? Talking talking... they said that they have lots of other options! What are the other options? Ask Google?! How long it takes time for reveling  the other options?  UNSC still can't get its clarity after seeing hundred dead people? O they want to a squeaky clean view from criminal Assad? Are they going to ask him whether he gassed all the people  or not?  Why UNSC become a so dumb?  I beg your pardon? Say it again please! O my UNSC become a brainless!? Brain-dead!? O my… it is crippled too!?  It will be  Kamikaze, jump off cliff?!  Pretty useless isn't it!?  OK I get it, thank you for your clarity!  Have a nice day!