Monday, August 26, 2013

NO Sympathy But Action!

World Need Action!

Insulting common sense! Yes, the world insulting a criminal’s decency of accusing him, he gassed thousands of people into the hell, Assad spewed his fumy fume to the world, mocking accusing them their indecent attack Assad and insulting his innocence! He could not understand why he could not gas millions of people off the planet! O how he wishes he gassed off millions like Hitler gassed millions of Jews!  Gassing people open air, open space, most effective deadly air flying without trace! People twisted their eyes to their ending of  time spaces,  strike their limps to bubbled air, their gasping life was agonies of cursed land,  encountering their finals with  breathless air as enemy of civilization, their morbid vivid final narration of life telling  the world that what is worthy of human dignity. They don;t need your sympathy but they want your indignation! Assad refused to be a human why the world treats him as a human being?