Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sisi Military Massacre Civilian

Uniform military shoot unarmed civilians at main street!

Massacre! Military dictatorship! Sisi is a criminal! Egyptian people-- who lost election -- should know  what they have done their own country, they thought if they get rid off Morsi they can control but instead they give their sovereign right, their power  hand over  to  the criminal military nicely! After June 3, they disposed their own elected president they were entrilled for their own achievement but they didn't know the danger behind, and they didn't know what was coming!  Only one year old baby democracy, defenseless, hardly even start  crawling, but that baby was a masterpiece, that could have been a marvelous one--  but killed it off they cerebrated their own destruction! Well they have to learn their lesson hard hard way and immense costly way! The only way now, they have to deal with, both side united and  against military that is the only way, if they want to achieve democracy! They did it before why not again?