Friday, August 30, 2013

Compelling Evidence Assad Gassed Thousands People


Secretary of State John Kerry says the US knows, based on intelligence, that the Syrian regime carefully prepared for days to launch a chemical weapons attack.
A US chemical weapons assessment says 1,429 people were killed in the attack, including at least 426 children.
Kerry says Syrian regime personnel were at the site of the attack for three days beforehand, making preparations.
He says regime elements were told to prepare by putting on gas masks.
Kerry says the US also knows where the rockets were launched from. He says the rockets came from regime-controlled areas.
The US is releasing a public report on intelligence gathered about last week's deadly attack.
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So world know again again criminal Assad gassing Syrian people and the opposition where he is losing it and Russia covering up, the world is fooled by again again....Assad knows --Russia as well-- when the raining day, this unimaginable weapon is his bargaining  tool to blackmail international community, if let him alive.