Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ugly Human Destroy Beauty



I could not comment on destruction of artefacts because so many  precious life are dying so I feel very guilt something splendorous than  as human live( noting can compare human being)  mentioned in here, but I have to say this, this destitution, beautifully carved pillars lovingly weathered old stones, graceful gestures, centuries centuries of human touches their adoration... what a wastes, it is gone forever, along with so many young live,  have to say so very sad horrendous... unbelievable courageous great people, their effort their dreams their love so casually so unworthy disregarded as if mere just terrorism.  Their haunting  terror after terrors, any normal human being gone mad,  bombs drops airstrike everywhere in any minutes,  you know world, what is good for being human. US and West especially,  UK and France they should  have a great responsibilities for this Syrian conflict,  not  good for our humanity... in every way!  The world should fair go and trust the FSA, the world should give them faith! They deserve the world unwavering support to fulfill their destiny!