Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gangsters unsc*

Gangsters unsc*

I laughed laughed in my red dream
Bunch of gangsters claim themselves  
“Custodian of world peace and security”
I gargled it a loudly   
I spewed them back to their faces
My sleep is torn and chocked
And hangs on the milky way bridge 
Between stars at night sky
Stretched their crippled quant
Laughing rolling tearfully until
Dawn goddess squanders her eyeballs
At the dark steamy horizon
And I was yelling at them
You are thieves! Son of bitches…!
Your charter is a deadpan gordian lair!  
You are a pest house sermon!   
You are a terrorist in a pressure cooker!
Boil them into passionate crippled malice
For grief stricken children's terrors
For well veiled widows’ chatterbox
Breathless whores’ bronzed night
Soiled bounty of eminent lice  
Hey, fat assed gangsters unsc
Your ethos are fortydegree dudgeon text
Painted seedy mammy heads
Follies of grace fallacy of marriage 
A scurvy conceit of death row
World, I confess you not I whip you not
Your fat ass stinking injustice!
Foray your illicit menace!! 

2013/04/27 10:45 am first draft
unsc( united nation security council, it deserves only sneers as they are  feebly smelly small),  I wish whole world hate them! A good idea the world should put unsc into a pressure cooker and put on a timer on their asses, so fire on their asses surely they have to do something re Syria!