Friday, April 5, 2013

Homs Babaamr Destruction

There was so many activists spewed their blood to the world for intervene during the heat of mess destruction Babaamr, where are the revolutionaries today?  Bright blue few meters under ground dreaming of their glory,  ghostly wind only know their fate! Bluebird ransacked ghostly youth , blinded wind strewn streets corners, mockery on black gowned widows,   O where is my love?  Lips are tight  eyes are closed limps are torn, hearts are there for breathless pleas! Cunning shadows thin clay rubble,  who bears spring? I rather not pray for these who lost dream, but I pray for these who dreams!   When the dawn comes,  sorrowful songs of blood, cleaved pledge to every skeletons, they are like unborn children of land, comes to alive shun twins...  but  anyway