Monday, April 15, 2013

Criminal Assad Chemical Weapon Attack

(04-13-13) #Aleppo #Syria l #Assad Chemical Weapons Attack Kills 3, Wounds 16 in Sheikh Maqsoud - Red Line?

#Damascus #Syria | Man Given Oxygen After Regime Uses Chemical Weapons

(04-14-13) #Damascus #Syria | (+18) Martyr Ibrahim Darwish Murdered by Regime Chemical Weapons

(04-14-13) #Damascus #Syria | Father Mourns Son, Murdered by Regime Chemical Weapons

See the all YouTube Clips Aleppo and Damascus criminal Assad are using chemical weapon last few days.

And See the below are just few of many thousands of  facebook pages of evidence of criminal assad crime;

While world should see this page, this page,   This page  this page and this too...and this page  this Daraa  this Aleppo .... Syrian Revolution ...which only few of thousands of thou sands... all these criminal Assad war crimes