Friday, April 19, 2013

Repugnance Lies

UN is the most well  known the gangsters organisation  for all the actors  fights lies distorting... etc their own  interest  name of  " the world  peace and security."  UN is often blind, dumb deaf and often crippled by... seedy gangsters representational of  their confrontational protecting their own territoriality.  

Here is another exampled as criminal Assad UN mouthpieces, he has been lying after lies  for  this unspeakable criminal terrorist his feeble life  while so many Syrian young people  and children dies and the countries has been destroying  every single day,   UN gang stares let him talking and listen him and sitting at the same chamber of repugnance!  

Here is evidence this pathetic criminal mouthpiece lying... 

Make sure the bottom clips you watch actually what the one of  well know  FSA Aleppo commander, he is not a al-Qaeda associated and what he he has said his original interviewer what criminal Assad UN mouthpieces lying about, the criminal UN envoy should gargle  with  his life before his lying front of world!