Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leave The Kaesong Complex Alone!

 Kaesong Complex Always Remain Open  

Kaesong Complex Should Never allow to become a political weapon! It is both side benefit from it, both-side should shows maturity of their attitude  toward the complex, it is beneficence,  show the world no matter what this complex will be always safe place investment! if you want war and keep people from hunger you need money, if you keep telling the world  you are a warmonger, who is going to invest! Both side  need foreign investment, who is going to investing this bloody warmongering childish game!  So sake of both side the complex must be  remain intact and be safe! You don;t need to do much but  just leave it as it is! North should think hard to take advantage of South through this complex and its market not just  supplying cheap labor, but strategic alliance from entrepreneurship!  You need lots of money doing war!

Update: South must benevolence,  like a big brother who is much wealthier than  younger brother, not scolding less well off younger brother but sharing trying to make your younger brother wealthy too so that both benefit from each other. South must be mature! When your younger brother less well off than you do, would you scolding your younger brother front of everyone?  Bit of consideration!