Friday, April 5, 2013

Muslims Chant

Music is uncontroversial and universal, no matter what you believe regardless your religion, music is beautiful and always promote goodness no matters what kind of.  I must say, I am bit narrow my preference of music among many classic I like religious old songs or chants,  folk songs too they are immensely sorrowful immensely beautiful and very funny too, I like lullabies  make me cry always! I like Disney cartoon songs!  When you brought up society where you have to wear school uniform everywhere until you are graduate high school (until 17 -18 years old, 12 long years you have been uniformed( thank god nightgown was not part of school uniform!)), you don't have much chance to do anything but unformed by even choice of music. Anyway I like modern theme songs  so I like explore YouTube, they are many many of unknown artists musics amazing splendors! He sings very beautiful voice,sounds like many years practiced horn voice! A special concert for the FSA!  I like boy chant, they sing during their protest, boy soprano unbelievable beauty!

I know some of you may think my preference music is boring old or childish stuff but I am not listen my music for other people but ME! I am happy that is what I do, so there! To be frankly I can not fee how I can listen?