Saturday, April 13, 2013

그리운 금강산 ( Beloved Mt Kumgan)

This 금강산 Mt  Kumgang( Mt Diamond)  in North, all the natural resources all the beauty in the North, South not  much compare to North, no natural resources  not as beautiful as North. I think North  has a great opportunity to ---take big leap,  if North prepare to develop all the natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, uniqueness North culture, cult culture  et al  North  would able to get out endless cycle of hunger as well as getting itself rich, so North don't need to ask outsider to help!  Systematically developing and promoting tourism, build hotels, development cultural sites, mountains... tourism is the key.   South must impart its knowledge and monetary aid to North  to develop culture heritage before too late...   

Also North and South  economic relationship should be different, South should not  treat our people as cheap source of labor but  profit sharing i.e. gainsharing...give our people North greater incentive and civilian level open trade... South goal is making our people in North rich.... North must provide guarantee of security for the visitors so that... is the key,    world would know North has strangely fascinating beauty...that is the unique brand of North!