Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dead Children Normal For the World

This is one of many daily, scud missiles...their  little bodies are torn pieces by ravenous world, their  little hearts stop pumping warm blood because indifference world,  eyes of world, is normal for Syrian children are killed by criminal Assad airstrike shellings,  even if alive they are not children anymore, the world take away their only childhood from them! Their sweet innocence, their wondrous dream all buried under ruabble beneath graveyards and shattering sorrow and wind of willow.   While world self serving nonsense of jihadists this and that... they should not judged by their ideology but they should judge where, how they stand for  Syrian people while whole world betray them!  But they will rise as many history we learn from, the great people always will rise from midst of destruction and ashes, breathing lungful air into their wounded land, they will  build new nest, fair just strong new nest!

Update: FSA while the world standing still as spectators, their homes towns are turn into rabble,  their children are killed their women are raped, they don;t have arms  protecting them while the world ask them not accepting jihadists' offer? Bit of common sense!