Sunday, April 14, 2013

Autumn Song 2013

Autumn Song 2013

Autumn sings her song 
Heartbroken bruised   
A prayer of battered 
Knitting agony of love
Messenger of goodness  
Bleeding every leaves
Weavers lone voice  
Airy brooding bouquet
Echos splendorous colors 
Temples bell sounds 
Sunset twilight faces
A betrayer of his shade 
Strewn lovers' eyes
Heroes' shallow graves
Widows' tearful pleas
Towns villages where
Agony of love dreams
Mystery that never end
Tales of  dark endurance 
Trotting bloody promises  
Gilded with love arrow
Spewed her heart out
Sings her love song

12:04pm 2013.04-14

This is a first draft