Monday, April 15, 2013

Criminal Assad Bombing Airstrike Terror after Terror

World Open your eyes to see yourself what is happening to this great people!
What make so heart break is that, all these people life so disregarded, not human being anymore but but criminal assad airstrike them like slaughter house animals, not even animals treat like this inhuman way and panic after panic, terrors after terrors, so terrified  make me very very sad to watch, and  world sit there talking about terrorists, while let this criminal Assad kill innocence  people,  therefore not armed FSA for defend their people from this unbelievable inhuman torturous terrorism! Yes you looking at this, criminal Assad is the only terrorist in Syria! If this is not terrorism what is terrorism? Why still this inhuman criminal is breathing  same as air us? And let him terrorize innocent people  in this way? Why  Russia support this inhuman terrorist?  How can you justified west and US refused arming FSA for not defending this? Shame on you! In my view is this submergence of emergence  and merger al Nursa and al Qaeda bit very much united front  against US,  knowing Assad hates US and al Qaeda hates US. So who knows they may ganged up each other released a statement just in time G8 foreign ministries summit so that make sure west US refuse to arm FSA! - As west and US very gullible anything of al Qaeda or good excuse to let criminal slaughter innocence people. Instead US  et al spend on fortune fighting  with al Qaeda forever( probably)  why not make them change their standing  for both beneficial way? I think that is most cost effective... in long run...!

Update: Most of journalists are immensely care about their professionalism same time immensely benevolence of face of terror they are covering and they do with courageousness and creativeness  but some of media like vultures for hunting for head line news for sensationalism, sit in their so unimaginable fat seat roasting  their stupid brains cost of immense humanitarian crisis! I wish their end same as their fat copied coped unoriginal news criminal Assad's  gone into drain?