Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Am the Only One Can Supply Arm...!

Putin stated clashes between regime and armed opposition turned into a disaster in Syria and must end Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said that the supply of arms to the Syrian opposition must end and the clashes in Syria must come to a halt so that the situation in Syria improved.

Speaking to a TV station prior to his visit to Germany, Putin said that "since selling weapons to the leadership in a country was not banned, we continue to sell weapons to the Assad regime".

According to the US press, 3,500 tonnes of arms and ammunition have been provided to the Syrian opposition, Putin said. "This has to be stopped," Putin emphasized.

"The clashes between the Syrian regime and armed opposition has turned into a massacre and disaster. We need to stop this. The first step must be to bring together the fighting sides around a table and determine the next steps," Putin noted.

"We do not support the Syrian opposition's condition that Assad must leave power," Putin also said.

Published: 4/6/2013

Look at this hypocrisy of Russia’s standing, they can sell arm to criminal Assad to kill the people destroy whole country,  while Putin says countries who are helping  the revolutionary/people/opposition stop. Putin’s referring so called leadership is nothing more than international criminal,   eyes of the law if any law refer; he lost all the lawfulness in his position in any law! What Putin saying is that " you stop supply  FSA et al  arms so that I can supply myself monopoly supply arm to my criminal Assad so that he can kill of them all!"