Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bread Making

Via from HOMs.

HOMS has been  300 hundred days non stop shelling~!  Russia  talking about law nonsense to supporting criminal Assad, if this is not war crime what is war crime...  you know when you getting into law nothing in particular, you can argue anyway you like, Russia  is good example how terrorizes  world of conscience, under banner of international  law, luckily no one take any notice of their banana law... I have been thinking I could have been a good lawyer if I chose to...!!   Anyway bread yes bread....

Bread has a full of hole in it the Syrian ladies making bread! ahahah!!! I like home barking bread! When I was child we only had home made bread inside black and red beans, both steamed and also barking at a small bread making machine which had 9 holes in them,  pour watery flour...  O by the way similar to the below 붕어빵( BungEoBbang ) clips the only difference  is smaller and round type of bread!