Sunday, April 14, 2013

Syrian National Coalition Condemns al Nursa Alliance With al Qaeda

 Syrian National Coalition
SNC made a condemning statement about to the "al Nursa's" statement of  its relationship with al-Qaeda. 
The Syrian National Coalition expresses for the denunciation of everything that violates the aspirations of the Syrian people or distortion  the objectives and principles of the great revolution, as the Coalition condemns every position or direction that refuses to freedom of thought, opinion, belief or impound the right of the Syrians to decide their future.

It is ideologies any kind of made for human being from human being, evolution is necessary for its surviving along with advancement of civilizations. Our ancestry, Homo sapiens begin their caves life some two hundred thousand ago  from dark African caves, we are not living in dark caves anymore so ideology should change, al-Qaeda why they are against innocence people i.e. 9/11 kind of..., can understand against West and US et al governments, but not the innocence civilian ordinary people. Anyway a great shame, the famous al-Nusra  they can do lots of goodness with their prowess  skills and resources for what they are doing Syrian people against the brutal criminal yes criminal Assad, he also a terrorist worsts of its kind of -on the ground at the moment that is admirable. Because their prowess bravery, its stand for Syrian people, change lot of perception of al Nursa so far regardless what rumor has been or US government made them part of  al-Qaede terrorist.I think al-Nusra members should change their standing for its continuity!   Quran can be  interprets in many different ways for its modernization, as other religious text too.  I think al Qaeda should change their stand against terrorism of  civilian without that evolution- due in course-  their existences would be extrinsic it is natural process!