Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fearless FSA Fearless Sky

News Update: #Syria 6 planes have been shot down by #FSA today including: 3 fighter jets in #al-Qamishli countryside, #Damascus countryside, and #Idlib. 2 warplanes in #Hama and Jabal aم-Zawiyah, and 1 helicopter near Abul Zohour airport in Idlib.

FSA will shot down every single plane! FSA hero is the defender of people  defender of Syria!  Every step every moves their Victory! While feeble timed criminal gang is a defender of criminal Assad and his criminal regime! so every their step  every their move friable crumble!     How can you not take a side? When you see this immense injustice!  2 years ago the great extraordinary people went out street  for change, it is part of social evolution like every evolution, people want something else after 40 years police state, inevitable change part of process, from internal and external influences, this has been brutal brutal inhuman crack down by airstrikes bombs shellings all sort of unimaginable ways... millions of suffering a major part of the country has been destroyed... AND world is a spectator, knitting their feeble conscience at long range rumbling!