Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aussies Are Defenders of Justices

Video Report: Australia's is investigating hundreds of its citizens who pose a security risk to country for allegedly fighting in #Syria   http://bcove.me/f0ae7bqo

Aussies Are Not Terrorists but  Defenders of Justices! All the heroes went the  ground for humanitarian delivery work. Even if they are fighting how anyone knows where they are fighting!? They would be only along side FSA for sure! Even if they learn skill of bomb making what they using for in this one of most peaceful country in earth? If that kind of skill they had, when they come back to home that part of memory would be( should be) delete from their brains only remembers humanitarian work and fighting for the justices! Coming back from their Holiday  they should remember and  respect  their Australian constitution that should  be only memory in their storage!  We are, Aussies are very talented courageous and defender of justices we should all proud of!  We ought to outrage this criminal Assad inhuman atrocity! Yes I am biased!