Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Poll of the AEA

Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Poll of the AEA

The Sample, Warning: Hot Gigolos Malice
"Nationally, most economists are male, and I'm told that most are registered as either Democrats or independents. Our sample reflects that imbalance:

48 percent -- Democrats
17 percent -- Republicans
27 percent -- Independents
3 percent -- Libertarian
5 percent -- Other or not registered

Eighty-six percent of our economists are male, and 65 percent work in the field of academia or education. The rest are spread across various industries or not working."

In my point of view even if the sample is unbiased, most of Obama’s spending, McCain’s strong points are revenue or saving. I think he is nasty in here!

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