Friday, September 19, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Keeping Shitty Jobs at Home

Keeping Shitty Jobs at Home

Amazing, American have to beware Obama hidden agenda. “ Yes you can’t Yes You can’t Yes You can’t…” Ad says “ traffic raise, stop outsourcing” And give them “ increasing funding for training” amazing yes you can’t. If I were American you have to very worry this kind shitty of promise. I think Obama only promise how to spending, ofcourse I understand because of the votes but why this kind of promise, surly he knows the result of this kind of promise would be fatal for his country economy. but then his expensive consulting team calculated the cost of funding much less then losing his election. Where money come from “funding” the empty coffer can not fulfill full promise then only remain empty promises.

I have a virus software, had a problems so I made a phone call for their warranty services, the warranty services company was located at India. It must have been odd hours for them. I had decent chat while he went thought my computer to try figure out what was wrong. He said that the company operating services 24 hours. The company is dealing with all English speaking courtiers at Pacific Rim. I wonder, the American software company if they keep this warranty services in its home, they have to face the following:

Low quality workers with expensive to do the jobs
Services would be not so good
Increase cost of operation; economy cost
The software will be very expensive
Company is lose its competitiveness- lose market share
The company would not be profitableSo
Uncle Sam has no tax revenue
So company shut down
Economy is going to a banana republic

I think, managing a country and a company same thing in a way; both revenue and cut the spending must go to hand and hand.

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I saw it I saw it before he changed it.... hehehe

Probably few people sent email saying” Greg you can not using that Shitty word for doing your devil work for the purest world – there is not many people crazy as you are or you can not pollute the purest world!” that is why he changed the fountain!!

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