Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Commentary on the Financial Mess

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Commentary on the Financial Mess

This is my guessing about general American feeling:

We want our hero represents us a great revenge, to kill whoever misusing our tax, fatting up all the greedy capitalist arhsoles bitches. I don’t want to know a nice papa’s teaching economic games!

The below is my interpretation of the heros fire fire, greatly restraints their fire. Or what they really like to let them loss, as they are all toooooooo polite to shot their nasty words off rail roads. I am guessing their hopping pumping that is all – bit loosen up! I dare say! Like when you are really hot encountering, – not asking polity your whoever “ may I please please make love to youu ….that kills off passion ……” or just get on heat… fire in your eyes burning, millions scented blooms, molten rave in your blood stream that consuming your breathing -- that is I am talking I don’t know what I am talking but talking! As --- here I go OK

Licensed to kill, cool 007 work on their sleek computer screens in their steamy thinking heads, ready to killllll…... Dr grill or yes, or dr sizzle yes no, the freedom who love me so much or hate me or hare me to do this mission. Uncle Sam is my Uncle Sam therefore I have my exclusive right go after him, hunker down and gun pointed his head and kill him off my gingery pissed off words, banks, after their steamy hot encountering and begotten little octahedrons who feed with another multi-ethic exoreic dishes, they will be evil souls of a self-cannibalized or self mutilation pricks. If Uncle Sam really serve savory anger fillet $billion dishes( which is my tax in it) to the ungrateful greedy capitalist bastardy arsholes, I can do whatever I want to do, put my great karaoke lyrical gun and barbecued them with anger disgust in my screen and toss them off in any media, whoever interest to share my angeryyyy elation and swell them chew them whatever they want. If anyone need anger management do the same don’t blame anyone any but blame yourself !!!

From the man of pissed off words with a great streamed up head

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