Monday, September 15, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: A New Beginning

Greg Mankiw's Blog: A New Beginning:

"A New Beginning"

His New Beginning!

Nothing ever great without its beginning
Without beginning without deepest the most of within us
Purpose of the blooms; fragrance of our knowing
His sagacious thought, passion and feeling his words are at the altar

I think he is going to talking about all the Walls Street blast today. Few hours introductory is probably not enough. That is why he is so excited about his new beginning because he has lots of talking about all about racketeering, he would know everything. I think he even dreams about economic. Probably lots of his friends gone bust, doing American style just huge scales that is why they have big mouths and huge breasts etc…
I think he even like this blast, because of excitement, without this blast life would be very boring. One of their duty was gone bust with a style...
It is about time his lecture begin, his is so excited about his ingenious thinking about Wall Street burst, he even manage his mind off the track...happy day is my time to go to bed... What was the tipping point! -Walls Street Blast

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