Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Election Update#links

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Election Update#links

Life is all about chance, I would do same thing. if I were her position. If Alan want to be the Prim minister of Australia, I would do the same. You can not take money in your grave! Running your man behind is not bad idea. I am not sure Alan let me do that but, you can always get what you want in away. I think any woman can do that if they want. If a man loves woman they do everything! Men are actually silly sometime when they are in love someone as most women knows how to control their man. It can be very powerful being a first lady for the biggest economy; you are actually running him of course. But all the fusses, politics, media attentions waving hands, living a crystal cage I am not sure I like. I like my little village I can paint; reading and writing poetry, grow my orchids, I can swimming real sea the beautiful sea! Who knows I might run a small village bank…. Like a guy from Bangladesh. Or planting more grape plant for bottling…

Actually, the other day my lecture told us that when people have plenty we can be generous lots of ways, I agree if you don’t have you can not be generous and can be vengeful. Mandela is an exceptional man of course!

Example, I am a KoreanAustralian, in my view terms of Korean nastiest is far superior. We all Korean learn“han”* from the cradle. Never forgive or forget the revenge someone nasty to you and never forget your indebt of someone kind to you. Kind of born into inferiority complex so endlessly try to achieve something. That shows you how inferior you are. Australian born into “lucky country” never sense of the vengeance and never had this inferior or superior thing. Probably that “han” made where Korean is now but I don’t agree some of these nasty attribute of Korean. Where am I belonging in this regard? Probably I am both. Am I inferior? Am I superior? Do I have any complex? O YES I HAVE INDEED? But I am not going to tell you that I might screw up my chance become not in complex.

*Although I disagree with the author’s own religion point of view of ‘han”. But I think it is pretty close what it is. I couldn’t find any another one.

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