Friday, November 1, 2013

U,S Should Do More ...Senate Says

(Reuters) - Democratic and Republican members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee strongly criticized the Obama administration on Thursday for lacking a plan to resolve the war in Syria.

"I just don't get a sense that we have a strategy," said Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, the panel's chairman, during a contentious hearing on Syria policy.
"I think our help to the opposition has been an embarrassment and I find it appalling you would sit here and act as if we're doing the things we said we'd do three months ago, six months ago, nine months ago," said Senator Bob Corker, the panel's top Republican.
Robert Ford, the U.S. ambassador to Syria, acknowledged that many Syrians were disappointed with the level of U.S. support.
Republican Senator John McCain, among the strongest voices in Congress for backing the rebels, made clear he was not convinced by Obama's policy.

"You continue to call this a civil war... this isn't a civil war any more. This is a regional conflict," McCain said, noting that fighting had spread to Iraq, Jordan was struggling to handle Syrian refugees and Iran's involvement.

"For you to describe this as a 'civil war' ... is a gross distortion of the facts, which again, makes many of us question your fundamental strategy because you don't describe the realities on the ground," he said.

It is so grave… I think the 190 UN member countries must act to change the unsc, this is all but the unsc failure, Russia vetoes… and Mr Obama unwillingness involved in along with Mr Kerry is very very cunning… U.S is very powerful country, only the country able to stop this unbelievable conflict and gives Russia leverage!  Via from